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False Prophets/Prophecy/Gifts

E-72     On down, Elijah the prophet, they were God’s gift. Many of them raised up false prophets. Right in the days of Elijah there raised up false prophets, but God testified of the prophecy of Elijah. If it’s of God, God will testify of it.

No prophet can say anything ‘less God puts it in his mouth, if he’s a prophet. If he’s a false prophet, if he’s a hireling, why, he–he can say anything. But if you say anything, and God has to bring it to pass. If God said it, it’ll be that way.

E-11     Now, I notice you’ve preached of fanaticism. God bless your heart, brother, I’m finding plenty of it (That’s right.), of pure fanaticism. And it’s only the works of the devil to hinder everything he can against God. That’s right.

There’s lots of fanaticism usually follows these things. Beware of it. I’m warning you before it comes. But God will testify of His gift. Is that right? He will testify of it.

There’s only one Healer, that’s Christ, the Son of God. He’s the Healer, God.
Men only represent healing. They represent Christ; they represent healing. Every person that represents Christ, should represent healing, for it’s in Him that we’re healed.
E-2     And then many of them, of course, can’t fathom the–the thought of a gift. The Bible said, “He ascended on high and give gifts to men.” And everything that we do must purely be of the Scripture. If it isn’t a Scripture background, then it isn’t right. But anything that’s based upon the Scripture is–you can listen to it. And if it’s God, God will testify of it. If it isn’t God, then God will not testify. Just the men will testify and God will not. But if it be God, God will testify for Himself.

E-48     And just like in the realms of the Pentecostal church… Oh, I don’t want to say this or not, you might not love me so much. But if you had kept fanaticism down, and kept it running clean and clear, this world out here is a hungering for what you got. That’s right. If you’d a let–add to the church daily such as be saved, and not broke off your little denominations and fussing with one another, the Church had been gone on in glory long ago. That’s right. Amen.

Now, I’m just as conscious as–as the rest of you, that there is much fanaticism hooked into Divine healing, and to the religion which we call Christian religion today. But many of you people who are Christians, and you know there is fanatics. But that doesn’t take away from Christ, that only adds to Christ, to let them know that there’s got to be a real genuine Holy Spirit for the bogus action to be made off of. If there is no real one, then the bogus would have to be the real one.
E-11     In other wise, if–if you see a bogus dollar, a counterfeit dollar bill, there has to be a real one for that to be made off of, or it would be the original and the real.
So when you see somebody who doesn’t live like a Christian, yet profess to be a Christian, and doesn’t act like a Christian, but just simply claims to be, and–and live that kind of a way, you know that back behind there somewhere there’s a real genuine Christian somewhere. See?
Well now, there’s many things that’s put in the act of Divine healing which it is not God doing it. But behind all of it, proves that there’s a real genuine God that really–a fountain open of Divine healing.

E-32     Now, kings, and rulers, and great men, they don’t deal in fanaticism. Now, I will admit the devil’s got scarecrows along the road. He’s got people who tries to impersonate something. He’s got people… devil’s got people that impersonates a Christian, try to make people believe they’re Christians when they’re not. But that don’t take away the value of a real Christian. To my opinion, it makes him conspicuous.
And that’s the same thing on Divine healing. There’s people go around with a bunch of work up and fanaticism, calling it Divine healing. That don’t take away the value of God’s Word and His death at the cross. It only makes it more conspicuous that it is right. For as long as there’s a bogus something, there’s bound to be a real one for it to be made off of. It’s only a vindication that there is a real one.

E-31     Some people when they get born again they set right in the middle of the road, eyes on Christ. Finally they get over here, so much knowledge and wisdom, till, oh, they know it all. You don’t know nothing. And if you don’t do that, you run off the other side to a bunch of wild fire and fanaticism. That’s right. But right in the middle of the way goes a true, sound, unadulterated Gospel and power of God. That’s right. Right down through there where you can take it to kings and monarchs, where anybody can stand and search, and they can see that it’s the power of Almighty God, not a fanaticism, or not a formality. It’s the power of God.

This one says, “It’s wild-fire. I don’t know what to believe.” That’s just where the devil’s got you (That’s exactly right.), just where he has got you, just where he wants you. See? Turn loose. Read the Bible. “God’s Word be true, and every other man’s word a lie.”

117     Let’s just take the loins, “girded about with a girdle,” that’s the–that’s the belt that holds the rest of it together. “Gird your loins with Truth.” In the day, brother, when there’s all kinds of isms and fanaticism, it’s time to gird yourself with the Truth. Hallelujah. Jesus said, “I am the Truth”: the Truth.
I tell you, when people say, “What about this? What about that?” It’s good to see that old Truth buckled around you (Isn’t it?), knowing where you’re standing. Then stand there. Let them say, “Well, you have this, that, and the other.” You know where you’re standing. Have the whole armor buckled on, and with a–a girt around here, buckled down good and tight, and pulled down with the Truth of God’s Word anchored in your heart.
All devils in hell can’t upset you. That’s right. You can meet Satan, say, “It’s written.” Hallelujah.
“Oh, I tell you, brother, did you take up serpents?”
“No, sir. I believe Jesus Christ.”
“Did you do this, that, or the other?”
“No, sir. I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.” Buckled about, an armor on, girded with Truth.
Now, they were ready while they were eating. God wants you to dress up before you eat this communion. And, brother, before you can correctly eat it, you have to dress up. For, the Holy Spirit that’s in your heart, will bring the Holy Spirit, lives on the Word of God.

E-9     Now, I want to say this, in behalf of many–probably [Blank.spot.on.tape–Ed.] people tonight, we wouldn’t understand Divine healing, or–or critics of it. We do not claim to be Divine healers, now. There’s–there is a lot of fanaticism hooked up with Divine healing. There’s a lot of fanaticism hooked up with every phase of anything you want to go at. In your churches there’s people that’s real fanatics, religious fanatics, but that don’t mean that God isn’t real. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a real true Christian. It only vi–indicates that there is a real one. If you had a bogus dollar, it’d have to be real sure fact that there was a real dollar that dollar was made off of. Is that right? If it isn’t, the bogus dollar would be the real dollar: the counterfeit. But being that there is a counterfeit, it only speaks of a real one. And when you see somebody acting like or pretending to be a Christian, it only means there is a real genuine Christian somewhere.
When you see somebody in a practice of Divine healing made in some fanatical way, it only speaks that there’s a real article somewhere it’s coming from. That’s right. A pro and con, negative and positive, true and false, in all things.

54     Them same demons live today. So there is a lot of fanaticism. This is the church this evening. There’s a lot of fanaticism in the land today, called Divine healing, that ought to be shut up. That’s what brings reproach upon the real cause. That’s why you have such a hard struggle. There’s a lot of stuff called religion today that ought to be shut up. [Blank.spot.on.tape–Ed.] Nothing but cults. That’s what makes the true church of God have such a hard struggle with it. But we’re America (See?), and that’s the way it’ll be. God says the wheat and creepers and briers grow together. Don’t try to pluck them up. Let them grow together, but by their fruits you know them. There’s no fruits, why, there’s no life, there’s nothing there.

103     And when a prophet had a–give a prophecy, and they spoke and wanted to see if that prophecy was true, they put it before the Urim Thummim. And if the Voice of God throwed the lights on the Urim Thummim, then it was absolute, the Truth. And if a man gives an interpretation, gives a dream, gives something of the Bible and, or something another, and it don’t compare with God’s Bible, it’s false. There’s the Urim Thummim today. God’s Word speaks, and that’s direct the Voice of God, like the Urim Thummim was before the Bible was written.

I hear the abundance of rain coming. If people twist it around the corner, but it’s come to a place that God’s giving the Gentile world a shake with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, pouring It out with all of Its fullness and powers and signs and wonders.
The reason I hold… The Pentecost has been pushed out on the corner and went wild on different things like that; the time wasn’t ripe yet. That’s the reason they’ve had all this fanaticism. But that’s God’s Divine promise and God’s Divine Word, and It has to come to pass, for God’s done said so. And I believe just before the ending of the Gentile dispensation that God will pour out on fundamentalists.

E-10     So as Christians we must be reverent; we must be honest, and everything up and aboveboard, so everyone can examine and look in and see that Christ is the–is the virgin born Son of God and His Words are perfectly and absolutely true.
I was on my road to see Brother Bosworth in Miami, Florida, for my first time. I was passing down through Kentucky and Tennessee here on a train. I saw a vision of a little boy; he’d been killed in an accident, seen where he was laying. Just like this I have written here… Comes, many, many, times and tells things. And I don’t live far from here, a hundred and nineteen miles. You can go to my hometown and find it one time, in all the times that It’s ever told anything, that didn’t come to pass just exactly the way It said. Now, you pin a sign on my back as a false prophet, and I’ll walk through your streets. Cause it’s not myself, I’m a man, but He’s God. And He’s the One Who does the saying. If I would say it, it could be a lie, ’cause I’m subject to any–any mistakes, lies, anything else, like anybody else.

All the fire we ever had on the altar, we put it in the stove. What we need today…
You say, “Well, Brother Branham, I’m afraid you’ll get a little fanaticism, a little wild fire.” I’d rather have a little wild fire than no fire at all. Sure I would. I can put up with a little fanaticism before I could put with something that’s so icy, and stiff, and starch, and ungodly. How can God move into a place like that? Go into a place and the spiritual thermometer registering hundred below zero. Somebody say, “Amen,” and everybody stretch their neck, and look around, and see who said it. Preacher said, “You interrupt me.”

E-22     You’re the greatest, you Full Gospel people. I think that’s got… Now, of course, you know I was brought up and raised in the Baptist church and was a Baptist minister. Never did leave or anything else; I just come over here, because I thought you had… You… I know you have the deeper Light of the Bible. That’s right. It’s the truth. It’s the Angel of the Lord that appeared to me has sent me to you. And that’s exactly the truth.
Now, I don’t come as fanatic. I do not believe in fanaticism. I wouldn’t stand for it. And I know you don’t believe in fanaticism. You believe in the truth, and truth will always speak for itself. That’s right. You never have to strain truth. Truth will always be truth.

172     You call It fanaticism. I’ll admit they got a lot of it. But brother, there’s a real one there too, is that right? A real one there too… The devil throws every counterfeit he can right in the way to confuse you. And if you don’t think no more of God then get down and read your Bible, and pray and ask God, then it goes to show you’re not very interested in your soul.
Move right on out there and say, “God, I don’t care how many old crow baits You put out there. I see Your Bible present, and I’m determined.” That’s right. “You promised it to me, the seed of Abraham.”
God called you, you’ll come to It; but if you’re not, I don’t care how religious you are, you’re gone; that’s all. You can’t come, no man can, except He called you. And He’s not willing that any should perish, but a lot of you will because you’re too unconcerned about it.
And you’ll go around and see something looks a little fanatically, a little shadowed, “Well, Dr. So-and-so said so-and-so, and so forth.” And then you walk around and blaspheme the Holy Ghost. You know that’s right, and it’s never to be forgiven.
You’re going to find out in a few minutes what the mark of the devil is, what the–what the seal of the devil is, the mark of the beast. “Whosoever speaks against the Holy Ghost, will never be forgiven him in this world or the world to come.” Watch that first church, what they done. Watch out about this second church. You could seal yourself out of the Kingdom of God and into the devil; out into where there’s no forgiveness in this world nor the one to come. Truly. So be careful, walk reverently. Be careful what you do, for you don’t know what will take place.

I do not believe in fanaticism. I’m more against it than you are, because it’s my duty to be against it. It’s my duty to thin it out and to try to keep the church straightened out. I do not believe in fanaticism, but I do know the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and I know there is devils.

41     The churches, when they organize their churches, the things they do, they block off the blessings of God by their theology, that God cannot break through to bless His people. They get their church so formal, so stiff and so starchy till the Holy Spirit can’t come into the church. And then when the devil seen he had that made, and some was going to break through anyhow, then he let them open other channels that wasn’t the Gospel, and run them off into fanaticism. That’s right. See? They either get to be a bunch of fanatics or a bunch of starches. But in the middle of the road, there’s the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
As I spoke this morning, and backing this up now for this great question I’m fixing to ask in a few moments, is this, that men take one another’s spirit. Be careful that you don’t get some man’s spirit instead of the Spirit of the Lord. Go into a church watch the way the pastor acts, and you’ll see the way the people act. See? If the pastor is real starchy and stiff, the people will be the same way. If you go into where it’s wild and fanaticism, the people will be the same way.
So, brethren, we’re ought to be thankful here in the tabernacle tonight for a pastor that’s sane, sensible, and preaches the Gospel simple, full, free, and in its power. Yes, sir.

163     I stand up and see a lot of fanaticism raise up, and acts like, and mock, and make fun like that. Not making fun, but they go out and bring reproach, actually a reproach: stand in the church and speak in tongues, and go out, and pout and fuss, and go away, for the next revival, and come back in. That’s not God. That’s right. No, sir. By your fruits you’re known.
I don’t care. Then you can present the truth to them, and say, “Here It is, THUS SAITH THE LORD.”
And a man looks at That; he’s afraid of It. He walks away and say, “Oh, I don’t believe it anyhow.” Brother, you’ve sinned against the Holy Ghost. You’ve done something that you’ll never be forgiven for, till you come make that thing right.

E-30     I know it sounds rough, and sounds like fanaticism, but so many people’s so afraid of fanaticism you miss the real thing. Did you always realize that scarecrows are put up around the good apple tree? There ain’t a lot of scarecrows… What’s a scarecrow is for is to scare you away from the real thing. Move on around them. Way on back there, there’s a real genuine Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost filled believers. Signs and wonders and vindications of a supernatural God, a King in the camp, that’s what made the difference between Israel and Moab. That was the difference.
That was the difference between Cain and Abel. Cain was a good man, so was Abel. Cain was a man that believed in God, so was Abel. But Abel had spiritual revelation that knowed it was blood not fruits. And he offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, which God received.

God can do something in America, and I–and the first thing you know, there’s so much false impersonation over it… They can start a move of God; and I tell you: it becomes after while, runs into a bunch of fanaticism. That’s the truth, friends, if I ever told it.

You can have all your fantastics you want to and all your big denominations, but bury me in Christ; for them that are in Christ, God will bring with Him at the resurrection. Between the lines, you see it?

“Don’t go after those little fantastics. Stay with the Bible.”
E-80     Here’s the Bible. God put His Word down here and will confirm It. You don’t have to go off after such stuff as that. Stay with Christ. And any gift that points you anywhere away from Calvary, I–I–I don’t say God couldn’t do it, but I’d just rather stay with the Word. I’d rather just know that God quoted It. There’s where it was finished.

E-52     Today there is so much based upon intellectual. There’s so much based in Pentecostal, upon fantastics, upon emotions. Now, don’t take a substitute when Pentecostal skies are loaded with the real thing. Don’t take some little emotions, some little work up, some little oil falling from your hands, or a bloody face, don’t take these little emotions when the whole skies of God is full of real genuine Pentecostal blessings. He will give you a new heart, a new spirit, and put His Spirit in you.

And any true servant of God, or any anointed of God, will never try to carry you off on some kind of a nonsense of theology, that’s just as lifeless as it could be, or some modern day fantastic. They’ll stay in the Word, a true servant.

And the Holy Spirit, which was in Christ, is in the church. And He is the vine, the energy Giver, and you are the branches. He has no other mouth tonight on earth but yours, no eyes but yours. You are the branches. The vine doesn’t bear fruit. The branch bears fruit. The vine only gives the energy. Is that right?
E-83     Now, if He will return… This is the Divine gift. I have nothing at all to do with it, don’t even know that He will. But you… He has five different gifts that He sets in the church. I different with some of your theology of laying your hands on one, and setting this one apart and that one apart, and giving this one gifts. God gives gifts. Gifts and callings are without repentance. And that’s not altogether Baptist teaching. That’s Bible teaching.
Watch. First is apostles (Is that right?), or a better word, missionary. The word “apostle” means “one sent.” A missionary is “one sent.” Apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors, God sets them in the church for to edify the church. They are gifts, ministering spirits, sent from the Presence of God to minister in every office of God.
E-84     Then in the local group, there’s nine spiritual gifts that come into the audience. There don’t belong to any… It’s just belongs here. It’s just in the local church. You see? One may do this, and this one may do this, and this one may never do it again, and this one over here, that’s just local gifts.
And how the people has made havoc, especially the Pentecostal people, until it had without teachings with just merely the spirit, and they have brought down all kinds of modern fantastics, till they brought disgrace on the–shame on the Word of God, because that stuff isn’t in the Word.
E-85     God in the Old Testament, when He had… You teachers know that how they knowed a message in the Old Testament. A prophet could prophesy, a dreamer dream a dream, they had a… Aaron had a breastplate. And in there was the Urim Thummim. And when the prophet prophesied, or the dreamer told his dream, and that majestic supernatural Light didn’t flash on that Urim Thummim, it was wrong. I don’t care how real it sound, it was wrong. That’s true.
But if that Light flashed and it was on–on the Urim Thummim, if what the man was saying was truth, then it was recognized to be God. You know that? Anybody ever know that in the Bible? That shows you been reading your Bible.

E-18     Then they got them a false prophet. When people won’t receive the truth, though it be in the minority, they’ll raise them up a false prophet. The Bible said in the last days that false prophets, the people would heap for themselves teachers, having itching ears, and would be turned away from the truth unto fables.
Now, God has to keep His Word; He has to do it. Turned away from truth unto fables… And you notice they went and got another man by the name of Korah. And Korah got all the people together as many as he could, and pulled them off, and segregated them from the rest of them and started himself a little denomination of his own, saying, “There’s more prophets besides Moses. There’s more holy men. We are all holy men. And each one of us has just as much right to believe this as they have to believe that.” But, brother, it was a lie to begin with.
E-19     God has a program, and that program is written in His Word; and His Word said we should be one, all together, not a divided, divisions, and fusses, and stews, but we should be one. Christ prayed that we would be one, and He said, “This will all men know you are My disciples when you have love one for the other.”
How can gifts and signs work in a church? How can God perfect His Church when there is so much division among us? How can, when one says this, and one says that, and one says something else, and all contrary one to the other… There is one supreme Judge, that’s God’s eternal everlasting Word. And God keeps His Word. So quicker we can line up with that word, better off we’ll be. God keeps His Word.
E-20     Now, if you notice what caused this trouble, there was a mixed multitude went up with them. The supernatural had been done down in Egypt. And when the supernatural had been done, everybody flocked to it; and it caused a mixed multitude to go with them, unregenerated, unconverted hearts going up, trying to impersonate the real believer. And it’s then that in the days of Noah, it was in that in the days of Christ; it’s prophesied in God’s Word for to be the same thing in this day. The supernatural has been done. And there’s a mixed multitude gone up unregenerated, hearts not conditioned, not keeping God’s Word, but impersonating something.

E-42     Then if God lets us live, watch what this thing’s coming to. If God lets us live for a few more years and I pass through Phoenix, get that–get a little yellow piece of paper out, and walk up to the pulpit and say, “What about this, Brother Branham?” Then I’ll tack it on my back, and you get in your car, and drive me down the street, as a sign on my back, “A false prophet.”
This thing is coming from the devil, and it’s going to confuse and tear up the church, as sure as the world, ’cause it’s not in God’s Word. It doesn’t flash on the Urim Thummim. Stay away from it. Amen.
God is true. God does signs, God does miracles. God… But we got a mixed multitude, brother. They seen the supernatural done; they’re trying to work up some anxiety and do something else. And the first thing you know the devil’s…?… gradually come in on that, till he slipped it off on the side, and now, applying it to salvation and healing. It’ll come to a place to where they’ll even make fire come right down out of heaven, the proof.

E-43     Listen. Let me show you what the Bible said. Paul said, “If an Angel from heaven come and preached any other Gospel than this what you’ve heard, let him be accursed.” He said, “Though I could speak with tongues as men and angels and have not love, I’m nothing.” Though I could have faith to move a mountain, bring blood from my hand, oils from my hand, or do anything else, I am nothing.
Anything he’d do in the line of that was nothing yet. He could give all of his goods to feed the poor; he could do all these different things; and yet he is nothing until that little main spring is come down in here to take his life just according to God’s Word. That’s right. I know that’s rough; that’s rugged; but it’s the Truth. So help me, Almighty God, it’s the Truth. See?
Now, I’ve told you the truth. I want you to believe the truth. I want you to know that God is here to confirm the Truth. God confirms His Word, but all… If His Word…

E-44     If the signs that’s following is not in God’s Word, then it’s a made up product of something else. What good would it do you? Divine healing’s of God; certainly it is. But Go… Divine healing is a finished product. That’s right. There’s nothing else you can do about; you’ve got to accept God, got to accept it and believe it on faith.
How do you come to Christ? Not because you boohooed at the altar, not because you cried all night, not because you sought God, because you never sought God. No man sought God at any time. Jesus said, “No man sought Him at any time. No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first, and all that My Father gives Me, comes to Me. (That’s right.) And he that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.”
Listen here. The Bible said, “He that heareth My words and believeth on Him that sent Me hath Everlasting Life,” without one sensation, without anything else. “He that heareth My words, and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life.”

E-45     Now, you take that Everlasting Life and run to a Greek word to it and see if it ain’t, “Zoe.” “Zoe” is “God’s own life.” Ever who believes on Jesus Christ, I don’t mean intellectually believes, but with your heart believes on Jesus Christ, God’s Life comes into you and you got Eternal Life. And you pass from death to Life, and Christ said, “He will never come to the judgment, but I’ll raise Him up at the last day.”
Now, that’s God’s Word for it. Do you believe God’s Word or somebody else’s? Better take God’s Word for it. That’s right. For heavens and earth will pass away, but His Word won’t. So stay with God’s Word.
Let us pray. Oh, my little children, my poor friends of Phoenix, how many times have I been to Phoenix? Have I ever begged you for anything? Have I ever even asked you for one bite of food? Have I ever asked you to get me a place to stay and pay my way? No, sir, never. Have I ever asked you to follow me and let me build you a great big church here, and come stay with you? No, sir, I haven’t. I think you got ministers; you got churches. I only come to help you. God knows that’s right. I only come to help you; and that’s what I come for this time, to help you.

E-46     “Brother Branham, what do you think about these ministers that’s teaching that?” I believe they’re God’s servants; certainly I do. I believe that they’re men of God, I believe they’re fine preachers, can out-preach me any time. And God favors them, but they just got on the wrong road. That’s all. It’s just the wrong thing, brother. It isn’t in God’s Word; it doesn’t flash on the Urim Thummim. And there’s not a scholar in the world can place it on the Urim Thummim, sensibly, and run it through the Bible like you can on Divine healing and other things like that.
Then what am I here for? I’m here to help you. I’m here to try to get you to go back to your church, go back. And if you pastors are here and fell in error, repent, and go to your pulpit and say, “Church, we’re coming back to God.” And have an old fashion revival. And quit fussing with your neighbor across the other way. If he don’t believe just like you, shake hands with him, and be a brother anyhow.

E-47     Mix up yourselves together, and have union revivals; get preachers who stays with God’s Word, and not scattered about here. Read the Word. Some of you don’t read the Word once a week. You ought to read chapter after chapter every day. Meditate; if you’d get your head out of them old magazines and things you’re reading, and out of this old, so many papers, and so-called religious literature that oughtn’t to never be on the market… That’s just as bad as reading some of the other magazines, stuff that’s false doctrine, and all kinds of dogma, and basing it upon the–on truth. Why, doctrine can’t be based upon some experience. Doctrine is based on God’s Word, not on experience. People can have experiences of everything.
I’ve traveled into the jungles; I’ve seen the witch doctors, I’ve had them to challenge me, stand out there and do all kinds of things (the devil), watching how he would do, watch him take a stick and hold it in the air, lay it down and make it walk away, like a snake crawling. Turn back around, took a glass of wine, of water turned it to a purple-looking color like wine and wanted me to drink it. And then that same group said, “The Lord told them of all them sensations.” It finally comes to this, said, “Take your mother, and lay her down there and kill her, put her up on the body–upon the altar, and I’ll raise her up on the third day. For it’s written, ‘Present your bodies a living sacrifice,’ and you put your mother there. The authorities had to get him for killing his mother, certainly. Man come to himself, one with all these sensations.

E-48     Pouring wine to water, and stuff like that, and corn stalks walking away, all that kind of stuff is of the devil. Certainly it is. God don’t need nothing. You don’t need nothing to prove, but the Bible and the Holy Ghost, that’s here to vindicate resurrection of Jesus Christ.
I talked to a man no longer than a half hour, three quarters ago before I come to the meeting, raging like a maniac? Well, he thought he could do something too (See?), got on the wrong road. Come back to God, Church.

E-63     But take Jesus as your Point of contact, brother. See? Bring Him to you. You say, “Well, Brother Branham, if He was just here I’d touch Him.” The New Testament in the Book of Hebrews said that, He is now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. You can touch Him right where you are. “How will I know it?” Just like it was then. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. Look up and touch Him. Watch Him turn back around and tell you just what you had need of.
Now, if He doesn’t do that, then the Word’s still right. I’m a false prophet. I’m a false teacher. But I am teaching the Word. And the Word is right. The Word is right. I make all kinds of mistakes, but the Word is never wrong. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

106     What’s the matter? Oh, it’s a meal ticket, “Well, you know, I’m the pastor of the biggest church there is in the city.” You Baptists and Methodists, listening to a false prophet. Now, that’s rough, but anything that teaches contrary to this Bible is a false prophet. I don’t care how polished it may be, it’s false prophecy. That’s right.

137     And now, in Galatians 1:8 Paul said, “If a angel from heaven comes, a bright shining angel…” What’s he speaking of? A revelation. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. It don’t matter how good your revelation is… You remember the first of our service this morning, the Urim Thummim? If something comes and reveals it perfectly, he’s a liar; he’s a false angel; and a man who packs his message is a false prophet.

95 I’ve seen a lot’s called discernment, I don’t believe in. But I know there’s truly a discerning Spirit of God, the gift of knowledge, that calls and speaks, and IT’S PERFECT EVERY TIME. We’re earnestly contending for that, that faith that was once delivered to the saints.
I know there’s dreams, and stomach-fulls of–of fresh meats, or are full of something another that cause you to have nightmares, and you jump up and call it a vision. But there’s a real genuine vision of God. That’s right. God promised it. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever… He does that, and IT NEVER FAILS. The Bible said, “If there be one among you who’s spiritual, or a prophet, and let him speak, and what he says, if it comes to pass, then hear him, for I’m with him; if it don’t, don’t hear him, ’cause he’s a false prophet.” God can’t lie. God tells the truth ALL THE TIME. Let it be so. Now, we find that that’s true.

And if It’s His Spirit of prophecy, the prophet always had THUS SAITH THE LORD. IT WAS ALWAYS RIGHT. And don’t question the doctrine, ’cause it–it’ll have to line with the Bible, if it’s God. God can’t say something, and then go back on it, and twist it around. It has to be the same thing all the time.

E-84     The God of heaven, who had all the prophets to speak of the coming of the Lord Jesus… And Jesus, when He come, He fulfilled every prophecy. Many of them was fulfilled at the cross: “Wounded for our transgressions,” and what David said, “My God has Thou forsaken me.” But when God sends a prophet, a prophet speaks, God makes that truth, if it’s God. That’s where He said to know them. If they spoke, “and what they said come to pass, then believe them, for I’m with them.” If it doesn’t, then it… they’re–they’re not. They’re false prophets. He said, “But to mark them, see whether it come to pass.”
Now, look. If God, Who spoke in the holy prophets, talked about the coming of the Messiah to the glory and honor of God… If I know who would be president next fall, and would tell it, that would be prophecy. That’s right. But God doesn’t prophesy like that, just to… oh, just to be playing. God does something to glorify Him. See?

5     I wonder today who’s going to be the next President? The election’s coming up, you know. Who’s going to be President this next term? What if I knew? There’s only One that does know, and that’s God. And what if God would reveal to me who’s going to be the next President, and I stood here in Phoenix and made a prediction that such-and-such a man would be the next President of the United States? And they would place that in papers and so forth, and I would hit it right on the dot. It would be perfect, and it would be all that I had said would come to pass. But what good would it do? What good is it anyhow if I–if I should do such a thing? The papers would advertise it, and it would go out maybe, if such a person could make such a prediction and it would be true, all the newspapers and magazines would–would pass on it.
6     But you know that God doesn’t do things like that; God doesn’t use His power and His gifts for foolishness. It’s going to be, whatever’s President, it’ll be President. And to know now which would be President wouldn’t help us one penny. It wouldn’t do us one bit of good to know who’s going to be President. So therefore, God doesn’t do those things like that.
And then if I made such a prediction as that, and it come to pass, and the newspapers packed it, and the magazines, then it would be to my glory. People’d say, “Look what a great prophet Brother Branham is. He told us long before it happened just who would be President.” And that would be to my glory. But God doesn’t want… He’s not interested in working things to my glory or to–to any other man’s glory. He’s interested to work things to His glory, something that will profit.
8     Like Paul said, “If we speak with tongues and do not have an interpreter, what good does it do? We only glorify ourselves,” and that’s–or “edify ourself.” That’s kinda out of the line for God. God wants to be edified Himself. And we’re to not seek self-edification, but to edify God with all we do.
So therefore, I believe this morning, if I knew who he would be and exactly when he would be elected, and oh, how many votes he’d be over or under, or whatever it might be, it wouldn’t do one bit of good to tell it. It’d be best for me just to keep it still if I did know it, not try to publish it, because there would be–there would be no reason for me to do it. ‘Cause it’s going to be anyhow, and it doesn’t make us that much difference who’s going to be President.
10     But God, when He uses His gifts, He uses them for His own glory, and for the glory of His people, for the glory of His church, for the edifying of the body of Christ, and for the glory of the Kingdom of God. That’s why He gives these things in His church, why He has teachers, prophets, evangelists, pastors. They are for the edification of the Church and for the glory of God. The prophet is not to get out and mingle with the world and try to take a gift like Balaam did and make havoc, or–or money out of it, or something. If he’s a prophet, he’s supposed to reveal God to the church and stay out of the things of the world. It’s all for the glory of God.
11     Now, we do have… And I think it’s a good thing for us, as ministers, to follow our order, when we see such things in the world as we see today. And we have an order from God, is for the discerning of spirit, trying the spirit. I believe that that is a very great lesson for the church today, is to try the spirit of anything, have discernment of the spirit. I do not think that we should ever, by any means, ever try to judge a person by the denomination they belong to, or by the group that they are assembled with, whether they be Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, or–or whatever they are. We should never judge the man by the denomination that he belongs to. We should always judge him by the spirit he has (See?), the spirit. Whether he’s latter rain or former rain or inner, outer rain, or no rain, or whatever it might be, we should never judge him by that, but by his spirit. We are to discern spirits. Watch what the man has in mind, what he has–what he’s trying to achieve. If the man, by a gift, no matter how great the gift is…
12     Now, I want to get this to the church this morning, which in the different denominations you are still the church of the living God together. And this is the thing I want to get to you (See?), that we are really not divided. We are the stones that’s cut in different forms, all to the glory of God.
Now, there is so much in the day that we live in pertaining to gifts. So many people judge people by gifts that they have. Well, I believe that these things are gifts. I believe that what we see take place is gifts, and they are God-given gifts. But we–if we do not use them in the right way that God intended them to be used, then we can do more harm with the gifts than we could if we did not have the gifts. The other night I made a statement at the pulpit, saying this, that I would rather see brotherly love existing among the church, if we didn’t have one case of healing or anything else. See, we must know what these things are for.
14     Now, if a man comes and he has a great gift, no matter if he belongs to our denomination or another denomination, don’t judge him by what denomination he come from, how he dresses, but what you want to see is what he’s trying to do with that gift, what purpose he has. If he’s trying to take his influence and build himself a great name out of it, I’d have discernment of spirit enough to know that’s wrong. No matter how great a teacher he is, how powerful he is, how intellectual he is, or how his gift operates, if he isn’t trying to achieve something for the benefit of the body of Christ, your own spiritual discernment would tell you that that’s wrong. No matter how accurate, how perfect, how it is, it’s wrong if it isn’t used for the body of Jesus Christ.
15     To achieve something, maybe he’s got a great gift that he could draw people together with a great intellectual or a spiritual power, that he could draw people together, and maybe he’s trying to take that gift and make hisself famous so that he’ll have a big name, so that other brethren will look up to him as some big person. Then that’s wrong. Maybe he’s trying to–to edify a certain thing here that he wants everybody else to get out of the picture and let him and his group be the picture. That’s still wrong. See?
16     But if he has a gift of God and he’s trying to edify the Body of Christ, then I don’t care what he belongs to. You’re not discerning the man, you’re discerning the spirit, the life that’s in the man. And that’s what God told us to do. Not one time was we ever commissioned to discern the–the man’s group. But we was constrained and commanded by God to discern the spirit in the man, what he’s trying to do, what the spirit in his life is trying to lead him to. And then if we can find out that he’s trying to lead the people (not to break them up, but to bring them together) and to bring the church of the living God, not all to one denomination, but to a understanding, a fellowship, a unity of spirit. Then if he is former rain or latter rain, or whatever it is, his spirit and his purpose is right. And the spirit that’s in him, no matter what move he belongs to, the Spirit that’s in him is trying to point the people to Calvary, away from himself or away from anything else, but his only achievement he has is to point them to Calvary. He doesn’t care whether he’s even knowed or not. He doesn’t care whether even his own movement… which is fine (See?), it’s good, if he is a Methodist, or a Presbyterian, or a Roman Catholic, or whatever he wants to be by denomination.
17     But what is he trying to do, the purpose of his heart that he’s trying to get? Then you can see what’s in the man’s life, whether his motives is for his–his denomination, whether it’s for hisself, whether it’s for worldly fame, whether it’s for big names, to say, “I predicted that, come just exactly to pass.” Now, you see that’s wrong right there, to begin with.

E-66     He told the Pharisees–those great clergymen of that day–said, “You can look at the sun, and it’s lowring, and you say, ‘Tomorrow it’s going to be foul weather; and if it’s clear tomorrow, it will be fair weather.'” Said, “You hypocrites! You’re supposed to be clergymen, and you can discern the things of the world better then you can discern the signs of the times.”
If that ain’t the truth today. Everybody interested in who will be President. I am too, but what difference does it make? I want to know Who will be King of eternity: Christ. That’s the main thing. I want to know about my nation. I’m interested in it; I’m an American. I’m interested in my nation. But brother, let that be second; my God is first. Yes, sir.

E-55     Now, if God doesn’t… God doesn’t do things just… If I could stand tonight and say, “I will tell you who will be president” and tell you just exactly, and it would be that way, why, after awhile you’d say, “Brother Branham’s a great prophet.” Sure, he told exactly who’d be president. But you know what? What good would it do? See? It wouldn’t glorify God any. That would glorify me. See? So God doesn’t do those things like that. God doesn’t do it. He just does things for His glory.
He–He lets the prophet enter into such a place till even the prophet sometimes thinks it’s himself. Like David in the 22nd Psalm cried, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” the very words that Jesus said at the cross. What was it? The Spirit of Christ in him had him anointed, and he spoke the Words of Christ. Look at the–at Isaiah, how he spoke and thought it was he, the Messiah was so in him. Look at David going up over the mountain, looking back over Jerusalem, weeping as a rejected king. Just a few hundred years after that, the Son of David went up a rejected King, looking back over Jerusalem weeping. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have hovered you as a hen does her brood, but you would not.” Think of it. Now, that’s the Spirit of God. Now, God uses His prophets to glorify Him. Do you believe that?

70 Moab had a false prophet, a bishop by the name of Balaam, who come down and got amongst the congregation, and try to get them to organize, and all come together, ’cause they were brethren. But they were not. They were half-brothers, not real brothers. If in your heart…
71 “Don’t disagree with him. Just go ahead, leave him alone. Pay for what you get, if you have to pass through his country.” He was predestinated to be that. If God would expected or predestinated Moab to join up with Israel, they’d have joined up. If He had predestinated Esau to go with Israel, Esau would have jumped in and went. But He give him his inheritance on the other side the river.
72 So how can you try to make all the Lutherans see It, all the Baptists see It, all the Presbyterians, and Nazarenes, and Pilgrim Holiness? Don’t condemn them. That’s all they know. That’s all that’s in them.
73 But to you who believe (O God!), to you who know, to you that’s got something in you, that’s calling to the Deep. If all the deep you’ve got has been satisfied, then stay where you are. But for me and my house, for me there’s something more than what we’ve seen. There’s a Land beyond the river, somewhere. There’s still a deep calling to the Deep. I cannot be satisfied with theology. I cannot be satisfied with a good church. I cannot be satisfied with a good campaign. I cannot be satisfied with a little healing service. There is something beyond that, that’s calling.
74 So, just let them alone. Go on through. Don’t argue with them. But we’re passing to another Land. They wasn’t ordained to go with you. They won’t walk with you. How can two walk unless they be agreed? But to those who love God, to those who were called of God.

And the little church, I admonish you in the Name of the Lord Jesus to grow in the grace of God, hold yourself steady and look towards Calvary all the time, taking all the roots of bitterness out of your heart and soul, that God might use you at any time. If you ever feel to do something, or a revelation or something comes to you strangely, something warningly or something, be careful! Satan is as sly and slick as he can be. See? Put it with the Word of God and consult your pastor. See?
10     And you find gifts and so forth creeping up in the church, and the operation of these gifts. Before you let it go to operating and things, first… Feel it pressing on your heart… Now, the enemy is real slick. See? And that’s just what tears the churches to pieces every time, is a true gift operated wrong. See? Something God is trying to do, and operated wrong, it’ll just–it’ll just simply… Not only hurt you, but it’ll tear the whole church up. See? Consult it, take it through and through the Bible, then test it and see if it’s God or not. Just keep testing it and trying, see if it’s perfect right down the line and right with the Word. Then you’re all right, see.
As long as the Word has said it would be here, would operate this certain way, stay right with it. Don’t never get off, no matter what anybody does, how real it seems to be. If it doesn’t reflect in the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, leave it alone. Don’t take no chances, we’re in the last days when Satan is just deceiving as he can be.

49     Someone said, “Well, Brother Branham, did you go up to seek? You ought to have went up to seek a vision from the Lord.”
I said, “No, you don’t go… You don’t do it that way. You can’t pull nothing out of God.”
See, that’s the reason people keep saying, on interviews, saying, “Ask the Lord. Just stay with it. Just stay with it.”
I had a word of the Lord to take to Brother Neville, about prophesying over everyone comes by this altar here. God told him, really called him down about it. See? Don’t do that; you’ll shove him out in the flesh and then you’ll have a false prophet. See? See, let him do just as the Spirit leads him to do. See?
Don’t–don’t try to pull nothing out of God, ’cause you can’t do it. He’ll only speak… Like Balaam, the hireling prophet, said, “I can only speak what God puts in my mouth. Otherwise, I can’t say it.”
And that’s the same thing, I like this system they got now, so that I can find out what, just what the Lord would have do. That’s very good.
54     But Jesus went to the wilderness to fast after the Holy Ghost had come upon Him. “John bare record, seeing the Spirit of God come upon Him.” And He was filled with the power of God, God in Him, and then He went into the wilderness to fast afterwards, not before, for the Holy Ghost to come on Him, but He went in and fasted after the Holy Ghost came on Him. See?

You got your Bible. You that just take a church joining by shaking a hand, you that take your letter from one to another, and claim that you’re borned again of the Spirit of God? How can you do it, and then look in the face of God’s Word and call yourself a borned again Christian, when you’re dead to the church, you’re dead to the creeds, you’re dead to the world, you’re dead to everything else but God, and God is the Word? There you are.
Let’s see. They take every kind of a spirit. Oh, they got church spirits; they got all kinds of spirits. Now, listen closely.
118     Prophets… The Word of God comes to the prophet. The Bible said so. Now, in closing, I’ve just got couple more comments here or so I want to pass and then I’m going to cut off.
The Word of the Lord come to the prophets. What come to the prophets? The Word of the church came to the prophets? [Congregation replies, “No”–Ed.] The word of the creed came to the prophet? [“No”–Ed.] The Word of the Lord. What was it? The prophet revealed the Word of God. See? That’s prophets, real prophets. Now, we got false prophets; we’re getting to them just in a minute. But the true prophet, the true Word came to the true prophet. It couldn’t be nothing else. Now, a creed didn’t come to the prophet; a denomination didn’t come to the prophet. No. But the Word of the Lord came to the prophet, and he revealed It to the people. The true prophet had the true Word.
119     How do you test a true prophet? When he’s got the true Word. Then if it isn’t a true Word, it’s got to be a false one. If it says something different from this Word, and this Word is God’s Word, let every prophet’s Word be a lie and God’s Word be true. And if that Word is coming from the prophet, is the Word of God, then he’s a true prophet, because the Word come to the prophets, true prophets. We’ve always had false ones. True prophets, the true Word. False prophets, false word, “our creeds, our denominations; join this; say this; believe this; do this”…
120     But the true Word comes to the true prophet, and he tells you the true Word. You follow that true Word, and you get a true experience of the Word, because the Word is made flesh in you, and you become God’s son, and the Word of God is revolving right out of God into you, because you are of His Nature, His Spirit is in you, and you’ll do the works of God. Hallelujah. The Bible said so. Oh, my.
121     False prophets bring false words. What do they do? Have false sensations. False prophets keep enough of the true Word to be false. They used to didn’t do it, but the Bible said… You want to put down Scripture on that? Second Timothy 3. See? The false prophet has enough of the true Word to make it false, because the Bible said that they’d have a form of godliness. In order to have a form of godliness, they have to have some of it as Truth. “A form of godliness, but deny the power thereof,” the power of what? To make you straighten up, be a different, serve God, not go to dances and things of the world, the Bible condemns, not cut your hair. Like, false prophets say that, “Don’t make any difference.”

E-51     Now. Now, if there is true prophecies… Now, we learn after that Scripture over in Matthew 24, we know there is both true and false. We know that. Every time you see true, false is there also. Remember.
What is–what is a–what is a lie? It’s a truth perverted. It was actually the truth, and somebody misquoted it, made it a lie. What is a wrong thing? Is a right thing perverted. See? Everything… The devil cannot create nothing. And everything’s wrong, the devil perverted what was right to make it wrong. And if there is a real Word of God; there is a so-called word of God that’s false. That’s right. If there is a true prophet… Matthew 24 Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets.” So there’s false prophets, as same as there’s true prophets.
E-52     But the true prophet, how you’ll mark him, he will stay with the Word always. That’s exactly what Micaiah done. He stayed exactly with the Word of the Lord, ’cause the Word of the Lord… He knowed it was the Word. It come to the prophet. Now, we feel religious. See, see? The Word of the Lord, It stands no matter what goes on. Churches rise, fall; people rise, fall; everything else, rise and fall, but God’s Word will never fall, for It’s God. It’s God in printed form. That’s right.

65     So many confuse things! The people get up, they don’t know the Word, and they say things, and maybe it sounds very reasonable. Communism is a very reasonable thing, “Everybody the same. There’s no more capitalists, they’re all Communists.” Did you ever stop to think that that’s a false revival, Communism is? And where did he pattern it all after? The… Jesus said, “The two spirits would be so close, it would deceive the Elected if possible.” And everything the devil’s got, it’s a perversion of what God created. Sin is–is righteousness perverted. A lie is the Truth misrepresented. Adultery is–is, an act that God ordained us to, perverted. All unbelief is the perversion of belief. You have to deny the Truth in order to take the–the perversion. See, straighten out these voices, test them by the Word and see if it’s Truth.

202     Now, but in the age after the Church goes home, he becomes a beast. He becomes the devil incarnate, the red dragon himself. Oh, my. Can’t you see what I mean? He’s incarnate in his people then. He’s got his people bound by his power. The false prophet has prophesied them right into it, give them over to strong delusions to believe a lie and be damned by it, denying the Word with a form of godliness.
God works His place in a trinity: justification, sanctification and incarnate Himself in His people with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Same thing. The devil’s just in a type after Christ. Oh, Satan incarnates himself.
205     Now, watch. Satan… When Jesus incarnates Himself in His people, the very Life that was in Christ is in this person. What would it do if you took the life out of a grapevine and put it in a pumpkin vine? It wouldn’t bear pumpkins no more; it’d bear grapes. See? What if you took the life out of a peach tree and put it in a pear tree? Would it bear pears? No, bear peaches. The life tells what it is. See?
When you say–hear people say they got the Holy Ghost and deny this Word, there’s something wrong. The Holy Ghost wrote that Word. And Jesus said this: “If a man has My Spirit in him, he will do My works.” You want to read that? If you want to put it down, it’s Saint John 14:12. Yeah. All right. “He that believeth in Me, the works that I do shall he do also, even more than this shall he do, for I go to the Father.” See?
Then He sanctifies and cleans him so he can stand before God. That drop of ink falls there and takes him across the chasm. See?
209     Now, watch. Satan, when he incarnates himself in his subjects, they do the work that he did. Don’t you see? What did he do? Come right to that innocent woman to deceive her. And that’s exactly what some of these devils do: come right into a place, and say, a little pastor gets started out somewhere come in and say, “Oh, if you just join up with us…” See? The same devil work. Now, that’s the Truth.
And when Satan become incarnate into his church, if there be a devil, then they are the ones that does the murdering and killing and so forth, because Satan is a killer in the first place, a liar and a… See?
All right, what does Satan do when he does, when he becomes incarnate amongst the people? It’s his duty to be shrewd. He is shrewd. You search the Bible, and you show me where God ever dealt with intellectual people. Hunt for it and see if it isn’t always the intellectuals that’s devil-possessed. It’s a big word, but it’s true. I challenge you to take the–the lineage from Abel to Cain, and them fourteen generations, run them out, and see which ones was on the smart side and which ones was the humble ones.

132     Now notice when Moses went down to Egypt, with a message of THUS SAITH THE LORD, and was vindicated; called on Israel, which was a people, not a church. Israel was a people; they never was a church. Cause, the word church means “called-out ones.” They were the people of God. Then when they become anointed under the Word, and called out, they become the church of God. And then backslid, because they believed not the Word of God, and listened to a false prophet. I hope that sinks in.
Israel, being a people of God, come out under the hand of God, anointed with the Word… with the Power of God, seen the signs and wonders of God. And then when God was moving on with them, a false prophet come in, anointed, and taught something contrary to the original Word of God that they had heard; and every one of them perished in the wilderness, besides three people.

22     Now, seeing all this accumulation of evidence, that the hour that we now live in, I think it’s a good thing to rehearse these things and to draw them out, since the Seals has been opened, and find out the truth of these things, as God has been so loyal to us, with His grace, to show us these things.
23    I want you to notice here in Matthew 24, Jesus used the term of “Christs,” C-h-r-i-s-t-s, “Christs.” Not Christ, but “Christs,” plural, not singular. “Christs.” Therefore, the word Christ means “the anointed One.” And then if it’s “anointed,” there will be not only one, but many, anointed, “the anointed ones.” See?
24    Otherwise, if He wanted to break it down so we would more or less understand it better, He would say, “In the last days there shall rise false, anointed ones.” Now, that seems almost impossible, see, the terms of “anointed.” But notice the very next words, “and false prophets,” p-r-o-p-h-e-t-s, plural.
25     Now, anointed one, is, “one with a message.” And the only way the message can be brought out is by one that’s anointed, and that would be a prophet, anointed. “There shall rise false, anointed teachers.” A prophet teaches what his message is. Anointed teachers, but anointed people with false teaching. Anointed ones, “Christs,” plural; “prophets,” plural. And if there is such a thing as a–a Christ, singular, then these would have to be “anointed ones,” that their prophecy of what they were teaching would be the difference, because they are anointed ones, anointed.
26     Now, it’s a Sunday school lesson, we want to–to try to bring this to a real showdown, by the Scriptures, not by what someone else has said about it, but just reading the Scriptures.
You may say, “How can this be? Would the anointed ones…”
27    What were they? “Christs,” C-h-r-i-s-t-s, anointed. “Christs, and false prophets.” Anointed ones, but false prophets!
Jesus said, that, “The rain falls on the just and the unjust.”
28    Now, someone might say to me, “Do you believe that that anointing on those people means that it’s the anointing of the Holy Spirit?” Yes, sir, the genuine Holy Spirit of God upon a person, and yet they are false.
Now listen close and see what He said. “And they shall show signs and wonders, insomuch that it would deceive the very Elected if it were possible.” And they are anointed with the genuine Holy Spirit. I know this sounds very foolish, but we’re going to take time and explain it by the Word, that that’s absolutely THUS SAITH THE LORD, the Truth.
37     Notice, it’s a very strange thing here. See? When them seed went in the ground, however they got there, they were thorns to begin with. But there the wheat that went in the ground, and the herbs, were herbs to begin with. And each herb producing itself, over again, showed that it was in the original beginning.
38    “And they will deceive the Elected if it were possible,” ’cause they’re getting the same rain, same blessing, showing the same signs, same wonders. See? “They will deceive, or shall deceive the Elected if it were possible.” Now, a thorn cannot help being a thorn, and neither can wheat help being a wheat; it’s what the Creator of each one determined at the beginning. That’s the Elected. The same rain!

182     Look at the last days. “It’d be so close it’d deceive the very Elected if it was possible.” Oh, my! The reason the Elected won’t be deceived, you know why? Is because they are the Word. See? Just like the Life that’s in the root, I said a while ago, It can’t deny Itself. See, It is the Word and in the season of the Word. That’s right.
183    Just like Jeremiah, he knew. No matter what Hananiah said, he knowed where he was at. And that’s exactly like Moses did, and–and the rest of them. That’s, he knowed, no matter what the false prophet said, there was the Word of God. It was written.

186     The reason the Elected, Jesus said, won’t be deceived, because they are that Word. They can’t be nothing else. They can’t hear nothing else. They don’t know nothing else. That’s right.
Remember, Moses wasn’t carried away with all their impersonations. Was he? Moses said, “Now, wait a minute, Pharaoh. You know what? The Lord told me to do this, but, glory to God, I see that your boys can do the same thing. So, tell you what I’ll do, I’ll join up with you”? Huh! That don’t sound like a prophet of God. No, indeed! He stood just as firm as he could stand. He knowed, exactly, God would take care of it somehow, ’cause He promised to. “I’ll be with you. I’ll not leave you.”
187     He knowed, so he didn’t join up with them. Oh, no. He stayed right with them. He didn’t want none of their denominations. He stayed right with God. He wasn’t carried away by all the things they could do. When they did one thing… He brought lice; they brought lice. He brought blood; they brought blood. He brought everything; they impersonated him every way, right along. He just stood still. He knowed exactly what. God was on the job.
You understand now? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] You take two and two, and make four? [“Amen.”] You don’t want to scorch too hard. So, so you–you understand, see.
188    Why? They won’t be deceived by it. The real believer, they are predestinated Seed that should stand in the day.
189     Just, also, Jesus said this, “Many will come in that day, in My Name, and say, ‘Lord, have not I cast out devils in Thy Name?'” Jesus said, “At the end days, when the time is all over and the great resurrection come, that many will come and set down in the Kingdom.” The Kingdom of God is within you.
Many, the weeds will come and set right down with the Wheat, say, “Now, wait a minute, Lord! I spoke in tongues. I shouted. I danced in the Spirit. I cast out devils. I spoke with tongues. I done all these things.”
What’d He say? Notice. “You workers of iniquity, I never even knew you.”
190     What is iniquity? Ask somebody. It’s “something that you know you ought to do, and you won’t do it.” They know that Word. They hear It. You’re listening to this tape. You’re listening to this Message. You see the Lord God say so; you see Him confirm it, make it true. And you know This just as plain as the sun is shining outside, but you that’ll hold onto your denomination, hold onto those false things; you worker of iniquity!
“Oh, yes, I had great campaigns. I done this. I done that.”
Said, “You depart from Me, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.”
191    “Well, the Holy Ghost fell on me.” I don’t doubt that a bit. “I spoke in tongues. I sang in the Spirit. I done…” I don’t doubt that a bit. No question to that. Oh, brother, sister, what kind of a condition!
This is a trembling time. Where we at? This Word is coming to Life now.


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